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Our Corporate Specialised Services


            SED (sharp Eye Detective) a private detective agency, has a recognized name in the Corporate World. We help our esteemed Corporate Client in carrying out Pre/Post verification services by conducting detailed check of all their employees. These detailed investigations about your employees would make you aware of all their background that would help you in taking the decision whether to continue with your that particular employ or not.
Our Detective Agency helps the Corporate in the recruitment process conducting effective background, screening of the employees, assessing their past and present experiences and qualification through reference check, as our agency has liaison with so many contacts at State level because the chief of our agency has a good name with various agencies of the Government in the Center and State. In today’s scenario, every person is ambitious and wants to join big group of the Corporate World by hook or crook. The survey reveals that more than 40% of the C Vs & qualification are either altered or manipulated to have fake degrees by the candidates to grab the post. Our agency has several means to get such degrees/ experience certificates verify from the particular Institutions/ Universities or Company. This type candidates might have been involved in frauds or other illegal activities due to which he/ she would have been thrown out by the company. Such candidates can be not only harmful to the company where he/ she joins but can also bring bad name/ reputation of the company in Corporate World, that has been earned with great zeal/ difficulties over a long period by the company. Hence, we offer our services which can save the prestige/ reputation of the company.  Our diligent experiences and skilled team has gained expertise in taking up Pre/ Post Employment.


We not only conduct Pre Employment verification but also carry out Post Employment verification as well. Our detailed investigation gives exact details of the employee asked for. We would inform how much faithful/ loyal is he to the company. Whether, he has joined hands with your rivals/ competitor and if so then up to which level/ extent. The company may not be aware that an employee of your company would ditch you by stealing company’s confidential information/ data and passing on to your rivals. Pilferage and data theft are of serious nature crime and need to be checked on regular intervals by the company before it is too late. Also, whether he/ she is involved in any kind of illegal activities like taking commission from suppliers/ vendors or sellers or no.

Thus, by hiring the services of our agency, we would help your Company knowing the credibility and how much trust worthy on an employee. We also assure the Company that our expertise team would maintain total secrecy and at no stage, the particular employee would come to know that he/ she is being screened or under surveillance or under any kind of investigation.
Our detailed reports contain/ cover the following points:

  • Basic Company’s data such as date of incorporation, authorized and paid upCapital, location, address of different offices, names including numbers of Directors and number of shares they possess.
  • In case of Limited Company, last three years of Financial data
  • History and background of the company.
  • Name and address of the bankers
  • Information about the key partners or about the CEO of the company
  • The names and details of the relationship with the subsidized affiliation and parent company
  • Information about the activities of the company, numbers of the employees and the operating premises of the company
  • Any event/ incident of the activity of the company because of which it was in the news.
  • Last but not least, our opinion/ assessment about the company. 


Marriage decisions are one of the most sensitive, major rather most important decision in one’s life. It is such a decision that once completed, then there is no chance of reversal. And getting married is a life- long commitment that too if un-known, then it becomes absolutely/ extremely important that one should carry out few basic checks before it is too late and to repent later on.

In the era of today’s scenario, particularly when the persons are so pre-occupied/ busy in day to day affairs, especially when there is so much stress on the profession/ in the jobs front, the family or the individual does not get sufficient time to go in so deep detail as is required for the check on the life-partner. Apart from this, when most of the marriages are arranged either through Matrimonial Website or Newspapers adds or through some one’s reference, the detailed verification is must. There is a tendency to take every thing on the face value or rely upon few common friends or relatives to get the background checked of the prospective groom/ bride before hand. We should get all the details of the life-partner/ better half. Getting into a bad marriage/ life-partner, this is not only shatters the dream one has but also ruins the life and leaves behind a only, painful long- life to live in. In order to avoid such situation and to lead a better life, it is advised to spend few thousand rupees which will not be a bad idea to hire the services of a private Detective agency which would provide you all the important / essential/ required details etc..
Here, we offer the services of our S E D, a detective agency that has an experienced /expertise team especially in the matter of marital. We rather help in making your rest entire life more comfortable, happy and smooth.

            We need the following information before we take up the assignment:

  • The photograph, name and address of the subject / target,
  • Office address with phone numbers, if any, of the subject/ target
  • Mode of the transport being used by the subject / target
  • Phone numbers of residence as well as of Mobile
  • Any other relevant information which may be useful / helpful

On completion of assignment, (the time frame is between 40-45 days), our agency would provide detailed information on the following aspects :

  •  Character verification
  •  Habits including smoking/ drinking/ womanzing etc.
  •  Financial status
  •  Social status
  •  Family background which is the most important factor
  •  And off-course about earlier marriage, if any

We undertake the assignments so confidentiality that at no stage the other party would come to know that they are being investigated. Since, this issue is a very sensitive, so we know the repurcations of this if this is leaked out at any stage.


We also carry out investigation on Post Marital, where he/ she that his/ her partner is loyal to him/ her. He / she is involved in extra-marital status/ affairs.



            It is required when a J V (Joint Venture) company investigates about the other organization with whom it wants to enter into a J V with them. The investigation helps to find out the details of their employees strength, financial status, goodwill, relation with other companies in the Corporate World. It is also helpful when you are planning to purchase a property. As it will help you in finding out the ownership / status of the property and will also help in claims/ checks etc. Due Diligence investigation are really helpful during organizational tie ups and alliance and also when you are planning to purchase of new property. Our agency offers the best Due Diligence investigation services to the clients. Moreover, since it is all about the range and depth and importance of the information, the investigation requires to be carried out with utmost care. Our team is quite experienced, qualified and skilled to carry out such jobs. Due Diligence services are offered at highly cost effective to the client.


            S E D agency also undertakes the assignment of verification of certificates/ documents. Since the Chief/ Director of the agency is well known figure, being a retired officer from Govt. of India circle, so he has access to more or less to all the departments of the Central Govt. / State Govt. and various Universities of the States.

 Moreover, our agency has advocates on roll who verify all kinds of court related documents. Our agency conducts verifications of the following certificates/ documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Court papers
  • Property papers
  • RTO papers
  • Various types of Licenses issued by Govt. and Public Authorities.